Tying The Black & White Shiner

Fly Tying Tutorial - Tying The Black and White Shiner Streamer 

First developed as a result of a Tandem version which was very successful for Landlocked Salmon. I wanted a fly that kept the same color scheme but was easier to cast. The body tubing turned out to be a great choice and found itself in a number of other streamer patterns. The snow runner as a wing material was a great option that produced the bulk I was looking for and provided the support for the Himalayan Goat Topping

Pattern Recipe:


               Hook: Mustad 94720

            Thread: UTC70 - Black

               Eyes: 3/32" Stick-On Eyes - Holo. Red

                 Tail: Frayed ends of Body Tubing

             Flash: Krinkle Mirror Flash - Pearl Black

                        Holo. Flashabou - Br. Rainbow

             Body: MFC Tightweave Tubing - Pearl Black

             Wing: Snow Runner - Black, Veniards Black Goat

       Topping: Peacock Herl

            Head: Black coated with UV Resin

Tying Notes:

  • Use 2 layers of Black Snow Runner for the wing tied in separately taper cut to form a neat tapered head
  • A hot spot of Fl. Red UTC140 Thread is used to tie down the body tubing opposite the hook point, and coated with a UV Fl. Red Resin
  • An underbody of Dk. Olive or Black antron is used to cover the body prior to installing the tubing. This serves as a support structure for the tubing and gives the body a clean uniform look

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