Firebox Micro Salt & Pepper grinder

Firebox Micro Salt & Pepper grinder


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  • Finely grinds fresh seasonings. 

  • Compact twin-compartment. 

  • Portable and easy to carry. 

Our Firebox Salt and Pepper Grinder is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and has ceramic burrs. This compact, twin-compartment grinder is designed to carry salt and pepper or other spices while backpacking. Filled with black peppercorns and coarse sea salt, this convenient grinder keeps two essential ingredients at hand for seasoning delicious steak, roasted chicken or grilled fresh trout. Easy operation, simply open the reservoir, add seasonings, twist to grind. Caps remove easily for cleaning and refilling.

Note from Steve: This extra small salt and pepper grinder provides the luxury of freshly ground salt and pepper in the smallest and lightest form-factor possible but because they are so small they require a little finesse to operate without popping the reservoir open. I can do it fine whereas Jess gets frustrated, funny since I have quite large hands and hers are small. If you can rotate the action without going off axis they work great and are just the ticket for gourmet cooking on the trail.

Weight: 2.8 oz.
Length: 4 ⅜”

Diameter: 1 ¼”


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