Lesson 1 - Tying Atlantic Salmon Flies - Beginner

Learn to tie a number of simple yet effective Atlantic Salmon Fly patterns in a virtual personalized format.

1 Hr. sessions at a minimal cost per session of $20.00 + receive a 10% discount code for any first time material purchase from the DcTackle website. Join the sessions that interest you

If you have your own tools and materials then great or you can purchase a "Basic Fly Tying Custom Kit" that will be available on the website soon and will align with the lessons containing all the materials you will need (includes the first lesson for free)

This style of learning allows you to ask questions in real-time as you tie alongside the instructor.

Details on schedule, class size, and format will be worked out in the coming weeks

If you think you or someone you know would be interested please drop me a message along with your email and I will contact you when all the details are worked out + I will send you a list of materials that will be needed for this first lesson.


For additional details and signup to be notified when first lesson available click the link below

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Other Lessons/Kits coming soon!

  • Tying Trout Flies - Beginner
  • Salmon Bugs/Bombers - Intermediate
  • Streamers & Sculpins - Intermediate/Advanced
  • Tandems & Articulated Flies - Intermediate/Advance

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