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Trophy Brook Trout Love Streamers!

“Got back from awesome trip to Lobstick and the fish loved your flies” – Jeff Penney July 2020

2-3 lb Brookies
Those circled particularly effective!

Streamers noted above are: Top Left: Magog Smelt, Bottom Left: Teal & Blue, Right Top to Bottom: Black & White Shiner, Black Ghost, Black Nosed Dace

Part of the Deluxe Trophy Brook Trout/Ouananiche Fly Kit . If interested in purchasing kits or individual patterns please drop by my site and take a look. Hit the link above or

Gander River – Salmon Fishing

5 Lb Atlantic Salmon

A couple of great days fishing the Gander River – Newfoundland. Warm sunny days with periods of over cast and little wind made fishing a pleasure. Salmon were not abundant but their steady appearance and frequent rises served to keep the anticipation for a strike high. Flies like the the Shady Lady Bug and Bee proved effective. One of my favorites, the pink tip white blue charm also proved itself as the picture attests. All in all a great trip!

Three Rivers Lodge and DcTackle Flies

Conehead Bunny Muddlers Prove Irrestible

Quote: “Your Cone Head Bunny Muddlers, Zuddlers and Sculpins are the best tied and deadly flies that I have ever used for big Brook Trout and Northern Pike like them as well judging by the number of flies that I lost to Northern Pike while targeting big Labrador Brook Trout.”

John Files – Master Maine Guide

Summer 2014 – Three Rivers Lodge, Labrador



Igloo Lake Lodge – DcTackle Flies very effective!

Large Streamers and Sculpin patterns prove very effective

Large Sculpin patterns like Wooly Sculpins, Dales Strip Muddler in White and Carltons Gulpin Sculpin in Tan were a smashing success for a group of Maine fishermen fishing at Igloo Lake Lodge in Summer of 2016. The Trophy Brook Trout pictured below was caught and released on a Carltons Gulpin Sculpin – Tan. Along with the Strip Muddler in White were among the most effective patterns for these monsters.

If you are interested in the Trophy Brook trout Kit pictured below just check out the link Trophy Brook Trout Kit

Looking for a fishing trip of a lifetime!